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Christmas is always something special for Esselunga, and this year, together with the Armando Testa Agency, the appointment is also featured on television with a great promotion "A million prizes for you".


This time the ad transports everyone, old and young, into a real fairy tale and  an enchanted world where everything is possible.


The supermarket actually comes to life from a book of fairy tales and becomes magical with the special power of transforming everything into something enchanting: food into goodness, wishes come true and so your shopping becomes a gift, but not one hundred, not even one thousand but " a million "gifts".


So at the end we can say that everyone "won happily ever after"!

This is the idea behind Esselunga’s new communication campaign which was conceived with the executive creative direction from Michele Mariani, by art director Barbara Ghiotti and copywriter Sara Greco and it’s dedicated to all families.


Esselunga has been taking close care of their customers and serving them enthusiastically for more than 60 years, and today they present an animated ad, which uses a large pop-up book and the voice of Santa Claus to describe an incredible but real promotion, which takes us back in time, making us wish for a  real surprise.

The spot, in 40” and 30" cuts, was produced by the Little Bull production company with the animation by Tax Free and directed by Franco Tassi.


The campaign is on air from Wednesday 12 December on all major TV channels, at the cinema, outdoor and in parallel on the web, in print and radio. Media managed by Media Italia.


Executive Creative Direction: Michele Mariani

Art: Barbara Ghiotti

Copy: Sara Greco

Production Company: Little Bull

Director: Franco Tassi

Animation: Tax Free


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