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There are positive things about summer  “Sun, long days…” but it’s got its negative side too  “Sweat, tiredness…” Depends how you approach it.

The launch campaign for the new Sustenium Plus Edition Summer, created by Armando Testa, will be on air on the major television channels (20 "), in print and digital out of home from Thursday 14th June. The TV spot is dedicated to the Summer Edition of the Menarini’s energizing integrator which is the number one in pharmacies. It presents two different ways of experiencing summer, suggesting the right solution to avoid finding that you’ve run out of energy. Despite taking mineral salts, the "pessimistic" protagonist feels tired and unprepared to face longer days full of things to do. The "optimistic” protagonist who happily enjoys the summer has the right advice for her: "You can do so much moooooooore!"  You just have to trust the supplement made especially for the summer: Sustenium Plus Summer Edition that adds an energizing complex based on Creatine, Arginine and Beta-Alanine to vitamins and mineral salts. In addition thanks to its refreshing tropical taste, this new Sustenium product has all the flavour of summer. So longer days are an ideal opportunity to do “plus much much more", such as going running full of energy after a day's work.


With creative direction from Piero Reinerio art director Laura Pelissero and copywriter Francesca Palazzo worked on this project. Directed by Augusto Storero for production company Little Bull.


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