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InTesta –Armando Testa Group


The branding and corporate identity agency of the Armando Testa Group has won the contract for rebranding the security service “Cittadini dell’Ordine”.


Even those who deal with security on a daily basis need to choose reliable partners, who can guarantee meticulous and integrated services. For this reason, Cittadini dell'Ordine entrusted inTesta with managing their new identity, requesting that the company create uniformity and consistency among all the brands which are part of the group.

A corporate project  aimed at creating a unified and coherent image for all the companies was necessary due to the varied structure of the company and the fact that some of brands were already very well established at a local level.


InTesta is the agency of the Armando Testa Group which specializes in branding and corporate identity. Thanks to their expertise and lengthy experience in the field of corporate identity they were the most natural choice. The agency has always maintained and promoted an authentic vision of graphic simplicity, the legacy of Armando Testa's inspiration.

The two companies are already at work to finalise a corporate project that will ensure Cittadini dell'Ordine becomes a new reference point for security services.

The current logo of the CDO is a shield shaped like a human which represents the reliability and practical aspects of the security services. It is now about to become an unambiguous watchword for security services, not only in Italy but also throughout Europe.

The project, designed by inTesta, includes  the development of a new identity system, based on the existing brand, and it will involve all materials, from stationery to the website, and also the preparation of a press ad and a corporate video. To publicise the new corporate set up and convey a positive  message about the change, so that the CDO serivce is seen as  even more reliable and instantly recognizable all over the world.





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About Armando Testa

We are the biggest independent italian communication group founded in 1946 by Armando Testa the internationally most famous italian creative.