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The project #PomellatoforWomen was created by Pomellato in collaboration with Armando Testa  and today it expands with an important new episode.


Chiara Ferragni is a successful businesswoman who personifies the idea of authentic beauty and contemporary femininity this season.

It was the intuition of Stéphane Gerschel, Pomellato Global Brand Managing Director that led to the choice of Chiara Ferragni. He really wanted her since she is the perfect representation of the brand values.

Her talent, her ability to innovation and upset the rules of fashion, her unconventional career path, overturning all stereotypes are all values which have inspired the Pomellato brand since its very origins.

The message as always bears the signature of Peter Lindbergh, the master of photography who is able to portray women freeing them from all superfluous elements, capturing their intensity through their character and personality.


The Pomellato brand aims to continue in this way, speaking to women in a cross-cutting way, to different woman, as far as age, cultural background, and geographical origins are concerned, but what they have in common is a desire to show their talent and their powerful identity.


With executive creative direction from Michele Mariani, art director Michela Repellino and copywriter Roberta Montagnoli worked on this project, with coordination from client service director Tiziana Travo, and account executive Carola Sessa.





About Armando Testa

We are the biggest independent italian communication group founded in 1946 by Armando Testa the internationally most famous italian creative.