Milan | Published on: June 21, 2017
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The event was conceived and created in collaboration between Nital and Media Italia.

The Guinness World Record dedicated to Nikon’s centenary was established last Sunday: more than 1000 people got together to form the biggest human camera in the world! Everyone who responded to the call to action was invited to participate. All you had to do to take part in this ambitious feat was enrol on the site. A judge from the Guinness World Records was there to certify the record, and to proclaim the official result.

The initiative was conceived and organised by Nital, the official distributor of Nikon and by Media Italia. It is part of the celebrations for the centenary of the legendary Japanese brand: a unique event which will go down in history, just like Nikon who has used its technology for 100 years to always be one step ahead to offer the right tools before anyone else to experience and then relive every moment and every emotion with a quality of image which is special and unique.

Nikon is a global icon: in their 100 years of history there have been many cameras that have marked milestones in photography! It was the main star of “Blow Up”, an emblematic film in the history of cinema and of “The Bridges of Madison County”, as well as space adventures and reports which have documented outstanding events of the last century.

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