Milan | Published on: February 8, 2017
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Baci Perugina’s Valentine’s Day enchants with the music and words of Laura Pausini. The radio and TV ad on air from 9th February and the “Io & Laura” contest running from 6th February.

“Io così simile a te / un bacio in fronte e dopo sulle labbra / la meraviglia di essere simili”. “Simili” is the soundtrack for this Valentine’s Day celebration as created by Baci Perugina and entrusted to Laura Pausini, the global icon of Italian music, using her songs to talk about love. “Simili” is the song chosen for Baci Perugina’s Valentine’s Day ad on air on TV from 9th to 13th February. The subject has by now become a classic featuring two lovers exchanging a passionate kiss in the rain to the notes of the song “Simili” which is also the title of the eleventh hit album by the singer from Romagna.

Baci Perugina invests in love with a campaign created by the Armando Testa agency, which has supported the brand in all its activities for many years. The campaign features not only TV but also radio, running from 9th to 14th February, and digital with dedicated banners and videos of the ad from 10th to 13th February. Involvement of Spotify was also a must as this is the favourite channel for music lovers.

The common thread running through the campaign is the track by Laura Pausini “Simili”, which serves as the soundtrack for all media, and which was the special inspiration for the creative game in the radio communication, where couples who are in love are “so similar” that they complement each other.

But the real novelty this year is the Baci Perugina Contest which gives all consumers the chance to win a special encounter with a global icon of Italian music, Laura Pausini, if they participate in an online activity on the site “Io & Laura” is a real digital contest getting you to use your romantic talents to complete the opening loving words from Laura Pausini contained in the special notes created for Io e Laura Pausini. Everyone who buys a pack of “Autografi d’Amore” and finds a little Io e Laura Pausini note can take part, using the site and one of the 10 phrases in the collection and enter the contest. 3 winners will be drawn who can bring a friend along on the trip of their dreams to meet their idol.

Baci Perugina has also launched an official hashtag which includes all the goings-on behind the Valentine’s day project, with consumers at the centre. #ioelaura is, at its core, a gesture for two to share, it is passion for your favourite music, it is feeling that you’re part of a project, the love project from Baci Perugina entrusted this year to the international star Laura Pausini, who has made love her winning notion.

Credits (Radio – TV):

AGENCY: Armando Testa Spa
ART DIRECTOR: Cristina Macchi
COPYWRITER: Caterina Calabrò
CLIENT SERVICE: Loredana Ambrogi, Federica Bruno
POST PRODUCTION and RADIO: Proxima Milano Srl
SOUNDTRACK: Simili - Laura Pausini

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Stefania Ghezzi
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Nestlé Italiana
Barbara Desario
02 8181 7809

Nestlé digital: -
Hashtag: #ioeLaura

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