Milan | Published on: January 31, 2017
Social media pitch

If that’s the name of the coffee then it is because it takes its name from Kafa: the region in Ethiopia where the first coffee plants in the world grew spontaneously.

But Kafa is also a prestigious quality of Lavazza coffee:100% Arabica of limited production coming from the place where coffee culture can trace its roots.

This was the inspiration for the creative idea for the international ad created by Armando Testa and developed for press, and indoor posters for events: an Arabica bean which becomes an Ethiopian mask, a symbol of the culture and origins of coffee.

Creative director and art director Andrea Lantelme and vice creative director and copywriter Federico Bonenti, worked on this campaign for Armando Testa with executive creative direction from Michele Mariani.

Photographic shots by Andrea Melcangi, and post-production by Michelangelo Rossino.
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